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Why you and your friends should learn how to fish


If you haven’t taken the time to learn how to fish, it should be on your short list of “top things to do”. Even better, you should consider taking your friends along since fishing is a sport everyone can enjoy. It’s a pastime that can easily become a fun and harmless obsession, and if this hasn’t convinced you to pick up a rod and reel here are a few reasons why you and your friends should learn how to fish.


Fishing is fun and easy: Unless you are trying to become a professional angler, fishing is a fun and easy sport that anyone can get the hang of. All it requires is a rod, reel, line, hook and bait, along with a little patience. Sometimes patience won’t even be required. Unlike contact sports the chances of you being injured by a fish are relatively slim, and it is also less stressful than golf.

All you really have to do is drop a line in the water and then sit back and relax. You are not trying to score or beat an opponent, unless you are counting the fish. All in all fishing is an easy sport to learn, and it is almost impossible to not have fun.


You get to spend time outdoors: Even if you and your friends aren’t exactly enthusiastic about nature, you can’t deny that it is always nice to get some fresh air. Studies have also shown that this can be beneficial for your overall health. Being outdoors can relieve stress and anxiety, along with help you get in a little better physical shape. Even though fishing is generally only strenuous when you are trying to land “the big one”, even a little activity is better than spending the day sitting on your couch. Best of all, you get to spend some time outdoors with your friends.


Time to spend with your friends: It seems like everyone is often too busy to make time for their friends, but this might not be a problem if you knew how to fish. Learning how to fish with your closest friends is a great way for everyone to spend some time together. Fishing gives you a chance to just relax and just “hang out”. Stories are often exchanged, a few beers opened and everyone usually enjoys plenty of laughs, while waiting for a tug on their line. Chances are you are your friends will find that these fishing trips are not always about what you catch, but about spending time together.


Sometimes you can bring home dinner: One of the best reasons to learn how to fish is to be able to bring dinner home. The bragging rights that come with this, are worth the time it took for you and your friends to learn how to fish. It is also hard to beat the taste of fresh fish, especially when you are the one that caught it. Even if you believe in “catch and release”, sometimes it’s just fun to bring dinner home.

These are only a few of the reasons why you and your friends should learn how to fish. Chances are once you get started you’ll be able to come up with a few on your own.