Bass fishing

Peacock bass is a hard fish to catch


Peacock bass is a fish that can be found in only several areas in the United States as it lives in waters in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and fortunately, Florida. It’s a beautiful fish, but it has some of the classic characteristics of all bass fish because if it reproduces uncontrollably, it can damage the environment where local species live.

The neat thing about this target is that it puts up a real fight, which makes catching one a lot more exciting than any typical fishing endeavor that you might want to engage in. There are two types of peacock bass that can be currently found in American waters. Some are smaller Butterfly species and larger ones go well beyond the 5-pound mark.

The gear that you will require in order to catch Peacock Bass isn’t overly expensive. Something that’s worth noting is that the fish responds both to artificial lures and bait. In the Amazon, the target is mostly caught with the help of lures. As for the rod and reel, what you need if you’re trying to catch such a bass is a spinning or baitcasting combo. Of course, choosing one or the other depends on the degree of expertise that you might possess because bait casters are somewhat harder to handle if you’re a beginner.

Bait fishing for peacocks is extremely difficult mostly because of the waters they live in. Given that Piranhas coexist in the same environment, you’ll probably have little to no luck with baits. However, I’ve heard that some of my buddies have tried using sardine-like baitfish and have had a lot of success with it.

As for lures, I don’t think that it’s particularly complicated to go to a tackle shop and ask a consultant about the right equipment that you might need in this sense. However, if you do need a bit more help in this area, I believe I can be of assistance as I’ve caught a fairly good amount of peacocks over time. What I’ve used were large topwater propellers, jerk baits, and bucktail jigs. Jerk baits work best when employed for targeting smaller peacocks that you might find in Hawaii, Florida, as well as Panama. Depending on the area you might be in, Zara Spook lures might also do a good job.

If this article wasn’t particularly helpful, you might want to check out other resources that I have used in the past. There’s a website called Peacock Bass Association that has loads of significantly useful information on the species, in general, as well as the techniques that you can utilize in this sense. If you have no means of going to Amazonia, perhaps you’d prefer catching peacocks in Florida, which is why you should check out this website.