Alex Mirza



Hi. my name is Alex Mirza. I have been working in the tourist industry in Miami since completing my college studies. I appreciate the way people have plenty of requirements when traveling, whether they do it for business or recreation. I do my best to do my homework to help people enjoy comfort and safety, good prices and transportation. Most of all, I have committed myself to ensuring customer satisfaction in my tourism job.


I maintain a fierce enthusiasm for traveling to ensure enhanced satisfaction for my expanding and dedicated clientele. As a travel consultant, it is very important that I do thorough research on a variety of destinations and the best means of travel in terms of prices, weather conditions, reviews and more. Thanks to the the experience and expertise I have accumulated through the years, i am able to diagnose my clients’ wishes and specifications and also suggest the perfect travel packages or services for them.


My family hails from Bosnia and I was born in the USA because my parents came to the country long before. Since my job requires me to be around tourists and work with them all the time, I sometimes take them fishing around Miami. Fishing is something I particularly enjoy. On my own, I have been able to amass my own collection of fishing gear, and I gladly offer advice and guidance to my clients on what products work best for me and would probably also work for their needs. You could say I am an all-in-one package. I not only organize travels from beginning to end by booking tickets and accommodation and securing rental transportation, among many other tasks, but I also provide shopping assistance for fishing gear.


I find it immensely fortunate to have been able to maintain strong relationships with key persons in the Miami tourism industry. I have shared my passion for collecting fishing gear with many of my customers, a lot of whom are avid anglers just like me. I believe it’s just one of those things that have made me successful in my career. I join my clients during those fishing outings and I’ve found many things that I share with a lot of them. This includes affinity to top quality fishing rods and reels. My clients also care a lot for getting value for money, which I consider a worthy cause.


That is why I do my own research not only on how to make fantastic travel arrangements for my clients but also on how to get the best deals on fishing rod and reel combos, waders, fish finders (I own two), inflatable fishing boats, quality lures or baits, and more. I love that there is a huge number of manufacturers for a wide range of fishing gear nowadays. This supports my objective to bring forward a lot of ideas on the best fishing equipment that my clients should get for themselves.


I started this blog to cover tourist attractions in Miami, and intend to pepper it with posts about fishing. Miami is a fantastic place with much potential for fishing as a sport, and I really want people to see the beauty of the state and what it can offer to angling enthusiasts. So just put on your sunglasses and just enjoy the ride with me!